Doctors invest in the field of aesthetic medicine

  • Master's degree in aesthetic medicine in Greece from the Universities of Camerino & Turin.
  • 25 lessons, 3000 hours, 120 ECTS through high standard education including hands-on applications on live models, cadavers & mannequins.
  •  Learn the safety protocols that will earn your patients' trust.

Obtain specialization in Aesthetic Medicine
from the best!

The Master's degree in numbers




Credits (ECTS)


hours Theory &
Practical Training

For the first time in Greece the program includes
Cadaver Practice Sessions

Supported by the European Medical Association & Venus Medicine

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The Master is intended for graduates in medicine and dentistry.

Aesthetic (cosmetic) medicine has of late become an important reality in medicine and in society at large. The culture of medicine of wellness, pervasive in industrialized Western society, is not free of risks for consumers with inadequate or superficial information that often leads to “do it yourself” remedies that may be ineffective or even harmful.
In this context, advanced university formation provided by eminent figures in the sector who work on an international or national level, would safeguards consumers and offer a high level of quality that should be the ambition of a public university.
A unique characteristic of the Master, developed to meet the needs of working physicians, is its e-learning format for the theoretical part of the program. The face-to-face and practical parts of the formation will be conducted in a series of intensive internships coordinated in collaboration with Venus Medicine in Athens.

Course Syllabus

3000 hours of Theory and Practical Training in Aesthetic Medicine through E-Learning in English Language

Title of the activityDiscipline area(s)ECTSHours of e-learning
Introduction to the Course and the Use of the E-learning Platform3
Human Anatomy (2 modules)05/H1, BIO/16422
Ethical and Regulatory Aspects, Professional Responsibility06/M2, MED/43, MED/44418
Foundations for therapy associated with Cosmetic Medicine05/G1, BIO/14628
Bio-informatics01/B1, INF/01216
Plastic surgery (2 modules)06/E2, MED/19630
Cosmetology06/D4, CHIM/09, MED/35418
Dermatology06/D4, MED/3538
Dietology and Nutrition Sciences (2 modules)06/D2, MED713, MED/49628
Elements of Public Health and Prevention06/M1, MED/42216
Medical Electrophysics06/N1, MED/503 8
Endocrinology06/D2, MED71338
Phytotherapy05/G1, BIO/14528
Phlebology06/E2, MED/1938
Laser therapy06/N138
Anti-aging Medicine06/D4, CHIM/0938
Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Medicine (4 modules)Interdisciplinary2070
Ophthalmology06/F2, MED/30216
Odontostomatology06/F1, MED/28212
Posturology06/F4, MED/3438
Aesthetic Medicine Semiotics (2 modules)Interdisciplinary1256
Internship (first year): 6 weeks at a participating structure to gain practical skills for cosmetic medicine710
Internship (second year) to gain practical skills for cosmetic medicine710


16-17-18-19 May
13-14-15-16 June
4-5-6-7 July
5-6-7-8 September
17-18-19-20 October

The videoconference lessons will be held on weekends (Friday and Saturday, 3 hours
per meeting) according to the following schedule:

***Exact Dates to be announced***

N.B The above calendar could be modified for organizative reasons. Eventual
Changes will be notified to attendants in the due time.

A few words about the Universities

University of Camerino

UNICAM has a long, respected tradition for quality teaching and scientific research. Research Projects and Technological Transfer are top priority. Choosing the University of Camerino for study and research means you are choosing a first-class institution of higher education 

University of Turin

The University of Turin is one of the most ancient and prestigious Italian Universities.
Today is one of the largest Italian Universities, open to international research and training. It carries out scientific research and organizes courses in all disciplines, except for Engineering and Architecture. It is an integral part of the community, acting for reviving urban and suburban areas, promoting cultural interaction, social integration and development, encouraging dialogue and insight into current realities.

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